Finding The Right Size

If you are looking to purchase a new WOLFPOINT watch, consider your wrist size and is it within proportion with your arm and hand. If it looks too big for your wrist, it will probably stand out and might not fit properly making it very uncomfortable. If it's too small it's probably going to look a little odd. So, here are some good suggestions for getting the WOLFPOINT watch that is best for you.

Most women's wrists range from 4 to 7-inches and should look at watches that have diameters between 36.5 to 42.5mm. If your wrist is smaller than that, you should find watches with diameters between 22 to 28mm. (We currently offer 36.5mm and 40.5mm.)

The best way to find the perfect watch for you is trying on different styles and sizes. If you are purchasing a WOLFPOINT watch, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. We can guide you and help get the perfect fit. If you are looking at watches in different stores, ask a friend to go along and help you out.

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